Quote of The Day: “I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out until sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in.” – John Muir

I’m back from my wisdom teeth removal!  It was pretty intense . . . and crappy.  I puked, I slept a ton, it hurt like hell, my bottom left gum area got infected, and I still have a painful cavity.  But, now, I’m way better!  They put me on laughing gas before IV-ing me (my request, but I didn’t know I’d be on there for 10+ minutes!) and I had some CRAZY hallucinations!!!

I was very drugged up.  Today was my first day without taking any pills!  I’m still rinsing out with hydrogen peroxide frequently to keep the infection from returning.  And it’s still difficult to eat, my gums are rather holey and soft. 

I’m so glad IT’S OVER!!!!

(not my x-rays, but close!)


I’m alive – barely!

Yesterday, I had four of my wisdom teeth removed.
I don’t remember much, except that I ❤ Ashley and Brandie!!!  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!  Brandie, I’m going to make jello out of you to show my appreciation.  YUM!

So I’m finally able to go online, but I’m gonna go back to bed soon.  I’m getting lightheaded and hungry/thirsty.  I can feel the stitches and my mouth is very sore.  I can at least smile and talk today, though, a little bit.

I’m gonna go back to bed now!

Quote of the Day: “Remember that you are this universe and this universe is you.” – Joy Harjo

Something I’ve noticed a lot at Noodles & Company is that, in dining groups/pairs of both men and women, you can always tell who ordered what.  Men very rarely order Asian dishes and, when they do, it’s with beef.  Maybe once a month I’ll see a guy order a salad, and that’s always with chicken or beef (or both!).  They always order the largest dishes possible.  Women, on the other hand, order smaller, lighter dishes.  Salads and small Asian dishes.  They rarely order beef; they’re more prone ordering to tofu, shrimp, or no meat.

Sometimes, I’m tempted to say something, especially when the couple or group seems to realize the division of dishes.  I’ll ask to a couple, “Who ordered the caesar salad with no dressing?”  and the girl will meekly smile and the guy will guffaw, “Naw, I ordered the stroganoff with two servings of beef!” 

A friend of mine who works at a Noodles in dowtownish Chicago, though, said that things are way different there.  So it’s a Milwaukee/WI thing?  I’m not that surprised, but what can I do?

On a very different note.  The Christmas Tree has been put up on campus.  Two weeks before Thanksgiving, they’re late this year!  Last year I think they put it up a few days after Halloween?  I saw stores selling Christmas stuff before Halloween . . . -_-

A friend of mine at work, Mike, is a year older than me.  We like to give the younguns, those born in ’90 or later, a hard time about missing out on the 80’s.  Today we realized that these kids don’t remember when Christmas time happened after Thanksgiving.  I remember when you could see your neighbors, still bloated from the feast, trying to hoist up the lights along their gutters the day after Thanksgiving while you got out your red and green sweaters from storage.

I’m getting more enthused about Christmas with every year after losing all interest in it a few years ago.  But not now!  Even though I won’t be able to wolf down turkey, brocolli, corn on the cob, buns, and all the other, you know, solid food this year, Thanksgiving needs to happen first!  Then I can start making my Christmas cards and such

Yeay Socialism!!!

Quote of the Day: “Sunsets and rainbows, green forest and restive blue seas, all naturally colored things are my siblings.  We have played together on the floor of the world since the first stone looked up at the stars.” – Maya Angelou

I figured that, since I haven’t blogged since Halloween, I should.  I couldn’t really think of a topic that I would want to blare to the world (er . . . to the general public of MySpace) nor that “the world” would want to read.  I found a great artist this past weekend and I wanted to be all, “HEY LOOK AT THIS!”  So I’m going to blog about that . . . and include my present favorite artists . . . yeay I have 3 now!

1) Rachelle Donahoe

2) Brian Andreas

3) Heather Peterman!

Ash Pearl: here it is!