I don’t think you understand quite how much I love this movie.  Brandie and I had a photoshoot and then shot scenes for a music video for her filming class!

She made a paper meat pie:


Yup, Brandie is Mrs. Lovitz. 

At last, my arm is complete again!

and then I shoved her into the oven:

I put my Photoshop skills to work:


Quote of the Day: “At last, my arm is complete again!” – Sweeney Todd

So Sweeney Todd is life now. 

It needs to be Halloween every day just so I’ll have an excuse to dress up like him, spray a white streak in my hair, dance around and sing with some Gilettes.  And I’d be surrounded by Judge Turpin, Mrs. Lovett, Lucy, Joanna, Toby, and smexy emo sailor boy – of course!

Lol this one makes me giggle:

Brandie got me the soundtrack (THANK YOU!!) and it’s pretty much all I listen to now.  Take that, Peter Gabriel! 

I frankly don’t know how I’m going to live until the DVD comes out

While watching the movie (both times!) there’s one scene that inspired me to draw something.  I figured that Hot Topic or someplace was already selling t-shirts with the very same or a similar design since it’s pretty basic and obvious.  NOPE!  I’m amazed!  I’m not putting it online publicly, but you can message me and I’ll send it to you.  I’m going to check out copyright info and other stuff to see if I can actually sell t-shirts with this design.  If it does well, maybe I’ll sell the design to Hot Topic. I still have some research to do, though.

Quote of the Day: “Old age is like flying through a storm.  Once you’re aboat, there is nothing you can do.” – Golda Meir


I’m ecstatic to be back!  I came back Saturday, but it was pretty hectic until about 6.  Ashley came down, yeay !  After having stayed in the tiny guest room at my mom’s (my room is wall-to-wall junk that is not mine), my room seemed immense and ME!  Starting yesterday, I’ve been feeling so much better in general.  I think it’s partly because the food is better, mostly because I’m away from my mom, mostly because I got to hang out with Ashley and some friends, and the atmosphere is so much more friendly.  I miss Chicago and Fluffy, that’s it.

And I’m gonna work out today! YEAH!!!!

I can’t find my stupid quote book!

So apparently I have a lil fan of my short stories, even though she hasn’t read any yet XP.  I wrote about wanting to get more motivated to write a few months ago, but that didn’t follow through.  Now that Ash Wad is so enthusiastic  for me and since I’m gonna have four classes that involve sitting around with a textbook and a notebook, I’ll probably feel more motivated maybe.

I think one of the subconscious reasons why my writing has slowed down so much is that . . . they’re full of fluff.  They’re fluffy, sappy stories with little depth.  There is so little lesbian fiction that isn’t erotica or rated PG.  A lot of what I’ve read is poorly written in the first place.  I took it on as a task to write lesbian fiction that I would read.  But as for adding depth, I’m stuck.  Depth like “1984,” “The Joy Luck Club,” “I, Robot,” etc. as opposed to harlequin romance novels.  I’m about halfway through a non-romance story that’s still rather fluffy and cutesy. 

I do have a bunch of idea floating around and one of them has that depth, but it’s a very complex idea that someone more skilled could turn into an actual novel.  Which brings me to publishing issues, etc.  I’m not gonna get into the mess of publishing now when even just writing in the first place is a struggle!

On a somewhat related note, here is my class schedule for this semester:

Mondays: Social Psychology 1-3; Fieldwork class 3-4 (my fieldwork site hasn’t been set up yet)

Tuesdays: nothing, I hope to work all day at Noodles

Wednesdays: Expressive Arts Seminar 9-10; Social Psychology 1-3; Evil Education 4-7

Thursdays: nothing, I hope to work all day at Noodles

Fridays: Expressive Art Seminar 9-10; Psychology of Women 5:30-8:30 (since this counts as a weekend college class, it meets only every other Friday starting the 18th)

Saturdays (every other Saturday starting the 19th): Figure Drawing 1-5

That’s 17 credits!

It’s pretty stupid that weekend college classes start before I can even move back to campus.  When my mom gets back from work at 3:30 or 4 next Friday, I’ll have to quickly grab her car and speed up to campus!  I can’t even get into my room where my notebooks, folders, and other crap are!  I don’t even have my textbooks yet!  THIS IS SO STUPID!!!!

I am looking forward to getting back, though.

Quote of the Day: “When I am alone I am not aware of my race or my sex, both in need of social context for definition.” – Maxine Hong Kingston


Holy crap, it’s 2008!  I feel . . . old!  I spent the weekend with Ash Wad so that was awesome, I spent part of the day with her and part of the day at work.  And then I welcomed the new year with . . . my mom.  Yeay.  And Bailey’s, yeay!

I don’t have a resolution, I haven’t since high school.  2007 was eventful, in a word.  Changes don’t happen just because the calendar shifts, so I can’t really say I’m happy it’s over – I’m happy that some things that happened in 2007 are over and I don’t want some thing that happened in 2007 to end, neither of those are related to the calendar.  I’m happy about some of the changes and disappointed about a few other changes.  Overall, it was a year.

I read about 20 pages of “The Second Sex” going to and from work today.  It was written in the late 40’s and I’m irked at how little has changed since then in relation to gender/sex rights and thought.  I’ve read just the intro (over 30 pages) and a few pages of the first chapter and I could immediately understand why it’s such an important book.  However, not much has changed.


A few things that haven’t changed are women being classified as women but men being classified as individuals, the facade of egalitarian marriages on truly imbalanced couples, the separation between women who want equality and the feminist party, and women’s rights/respect being received rather than taken.  The majority of women my age and younger sadden me in that they have so quickly and easily been captured by the feminine mystique (whatever it is that makes women abandon their individual drives in order to compete for husbands and, thus, households and suffocating security).  Aside from invading an episode of “The Gilmore Girls” (yes I know that show ended!), I don’t know what I can do to get through to them and to tell them that they are more than the cleaners they use and the designers they wear.

If Voldemort had a few more decades in him and I thought it worthwhile, I would definitely send a copy of “The Second Sex” to him anonymously.  He’s blamed so many of his problems on women, he’s expressed his fear of women, and he has frequently asked “what do women want?” when a woman points out his hypocracy/inefficiancy/insanity/etc.  Even  just the intoduction would shut him up, at least for a few months.

Oh, and by the way, Aristotle said that women are defective.  Another reason why people need to read “The Fountainhead” by Ayn Rand (the main message is that we shouldn’t follow Greco-Roman/Renaissance/Classical/Baroque/Neo-Classical rules and customs just because the Greeks and Romans were good at what they did; we need to do what’s efficient NOW)!!!! 

Yeay for being a lesbian and thus not having patriarchy/sexism streak its way through my relationships as though through a pair of old, overused tighty whiteys!  The lesbian relationship/attraction will be approached later on in “The Second Sex” and I’m very much looking forward to getting there.