Quote of the Day: “When one is pretending, the entire body revolts.” – Anais Nin

I recently read on The Human Rights Campaign’s news that a straight male police officer is suing whichever force he’s on because his two superiors are gay men who won’t promote him because he’s straight.  Though I trust HRC’s news, I don’t know how true that story is.  It wouldn’t surprise me, though, if situations like that are on the rise.  I know that gay cliques in high school are increasing; there’s even an exclusively LGBT high school in New England.  Students who don’t act/look “gay enough” are the outcasts.

I think that being at a place where we, gay people, can make decisions like that is a good thing.  It’s a sign of how far we’ve come, we’re an identified minority.  But I don’t approve of using this new power to take revenge on straight people who haven’t done anything in the first place.  We should not form the attitudes and behaviors that homophobic/heterosexist people have – although any behaviorist will tell you that that’s doomed to happen anyway!  The oppressed always take on traits of their oppressors.  It’s sad.

I’m ashamed to admit that I sometimes tend to think less of straight people.  I’ve been really irritable lately, especially at my apathetic classmates who get more and more pregnant every semester, so it’s become easy to think without thinking, “URGH, these annoying straight girls don’t know what they’re doing!”  And it’s true, the specific irritating people of whom I speak are straight girls.  But I have straight friends and family who don’t irritate me at all – and there are gay people who irritate me – so it’s no different from one of them saying, “URGH those annoying lesbians cheat so much!” when only a few do – just like how there are straight people who cheat too.

I think I just need it to be summer, get the irritating school people off my back for a few months!!

And by the way, Panic! at the Disco is FRICKIN AWESOME!!!!