That’s right, I saw kd lang in concert!  For my birthday!  For free!  With Sheraden!  Oh my god!

It was incredible, she has such a powerful voice and charm with the audience and . . . other qualities I won’t say here!  Oh man . . . two encores!

I went with Sheraden since she won 2 tickets through a raffle at my internship and it was my birthday (which was awesome!) and it’s hers today (HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHERADEN)

Sher and I were amongst the very few young people at the concert, though.  We saw one other person our age and apparently two friends of mine were there, too.  Most of the audience were people twice our age.  Which I think is disappointing, it is so important for younger generations to learn about the accomplishments of their elders – especially for LGBTQs today.  There are no mainstream, openly gay musicians our age with their target audience as people our age (Clay Aiken’s target audience is twice his age.  Yes, he is FINALLY out of the closet).  A lot of my peers didn’t know who kd lang is; I became a fan of hers when I was first exploring my sexuality, but tried to convince myself that I liked her only for her music.  And then I saw the pictures of her in drag and that self-deception quickly ended.

Anyway, at least everyone knows who Melissa Etheridge is.  She and kd are exactly the same age!  They just target different audiences and have completely different styles.

Other people I’ve seen in concert: Smokey Robinson, Gym Class Heroes (members of Cobra Starship, Fall Out Boy, and The Academy Is also appeared), Paul McCartney, The Cliks, Josh Groban, . . . and I think that’s it?


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  1. Hope you had a great birthday, and though I’ve never questioned my sexuality, I’ve always had a girl-crush on k.d. lang.She just has such a powerful presence, she’s absolutely entrancing…I adore her!Anway, I’m glad you think she’s a good role model, I’ve never known her to be anything less than a wonderful person. Oh that others could exhibit such grace.-M

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